The Importance Of Opening Preparation In Modern Chess

A tournament preparation with a solid opening is critical for success. The following game played with the black pieces was Lajos Portisch, a former prominent Hungarian chess player. This game demonstrates the modern day importance of opening preparation. One wrong step by black pieces, and the game is lost. On the other side, if the player with the black pieces is well prepared, they can not only equalize, but push for a advantage.

Portisch played a flawless game, defending the game with nuances and eventually prevailed. Notice, the game was very sharp with many pitfalls for Black to fall into. One important aspect to achieve success in modern chess is to have deep opening preparation. The most effective way to accomplish deep opening preparation is to have the guidance of a seasoned International Grandmaster. Under the tutelage of Andrey Gutov, you will not only be able to have a successful opening repertoire, you can play the opening with confidence and comfort.

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