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Chess is a rewarding game of strategy and calculation. However, it can have a steep learning curve. At Grandmaster Andrey Gutov Chess Academy, you can learn to play chess online. Andrey Gutov is a Russian grandmaster who teaches students of all skill levels how to play the game.

Learn About Our Courses

Whether you don’t know a thing about chess or simply want to improve your skills, we have a course for you. Our course levels are beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


In the beginner courses, we’ll teach you all of the basics of chess, including how the pieces work and general tactics. We’ll also focus on improving your calculation skills and opening theory. You’ll learn tactics for middlegames and simple endgames.

A chess board for ways to learn chess online


During this course, we’ll look into your specific weaknesses so that you can understand them and improve them. Like in the beginner courses, we’ll focus on improving your calculation skills and your middlegame and endgame. We also discuss positional understanding.

Chess 4 Days Academy


This course is for those who want to vastly improve. Here you’ll receive fully personalized coaching for your opening preparations and middlegame and endgame tactics. You’ll also take part in training games with Grandmaster Gutov. Again, we’ll discuss positional play, your calculation skills, and general strategy.

Begin Learning Chess

Anyone can play chess. And with us, you can play especially well. Because our courses are all offered online, you can set your own pace and take the courses when it’s convenient for you. You also do not have to go anywhere and can use your own chess set without having to transport it. When you learn to play chess online, you are in charge.

If you want to learn chess online, contact us at the Grandmaster Andrey Gutov Chess Academy. We’re easy to get ahold of, simply email us at [email protected] or call us using Viper or WhatsApp on +7 (906) 923-8834.